Other Cleaning Services

Chimney Sweep

Creosote is a sticky, oily combustible substance created when wood does not burn completely. It rises in the chimney as liquid and deposits in the chimney. Chimney cleaning by Home Proud Services removes this creosote. Thus eliminating it as an ignition source of a chimney fire.

In 2011, an estimated 19,500 reported home structure fires involving fireplaces, chimneys and chimney connectors resulted in 20 civilian deaths, 70 civilian fire injuries and $195 million in direct property damage.

More than half (57%) of home fireplace, chimney and chimney connector fires involve failure to clean as a factor contributing to ignition.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time lint sticks to the dryer vents and ducts causing restricted air flow. Clogged dryer vents can be extremely hazardous. Lint is extremely flammable, once the dryer gets hot enough it can ignite the lint and cause a fire. Clogged vents and ducts also require the dryer to work harder, therefore using more electricity and wasting money. Dryer vent and duct cleaning reduces the risk of dryer fires and saves lives. Clogged dryer vents increase your utility bills by making your dryer run longer and work harder. The increased drying time puts undue wear and tear on your dryer, as well as the clothes you are drying.

Statistics from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate there are 15,000 to 20,000 residential dryer fires in the United States annually. These dryer fires resulted in personal injuries, deaths, and millions of dollars in property damage. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also reports that hundreds of people were non-fatally poisoned by carbon monoxide as a result of gas clothes dryers.

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Elbow Dryer Vent Before Cleaning
Elbow Dryer Vent After Cleaning

Oil Remediation

Home Proud Services oil remediation is designed to reduce the binding capacity of grease and oil on concrete and asphalt through the use of our cleaning agents and microorganisms. Through the process of two chemistries our solutions emulsify and molecularly deactivate contaminants leaving your facility clean with consistent use. Since the product is a dry powder it also protects and conditions the concrete. The next drop of oil from a leaking car is immediately attacked by the product instead of soaking into your facilities concrete. Stain reduction as well as immediate visual satisfaction are added benefits of the product that cannot be accomplished with a simple pressure washing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is becoming more stringent with companies who do not follow the correct procedure when dealing with the environment. The laws and regulations of discharging wastewater into the storm drains have become stricter. Storm drains are owned by the city, so every city must approve of the discharge of the water. All storm drains lead to state rivers and creeks therefore the EPA and the state have the final say and jurisdiction.

  • In most states, if you’re going to wash any parking lots with water you must file with the state for a permit that allows you to let the discharge water enter into the storm drain.
  • You must keep accurate records and have your wastewater tested at a laboratory on monthly basis
  • In order to stay within compliance with the EPA, 100% of wastewater needs to be captured before entering the storm drain and removed to a wastewater treatment facility.

Remediation is a process that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to transform harmful substances to nontoxic compounds. Microorganisms, like all living organisms, need carbon, energy and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and trace metals to survive. Many species of soil bacteria, for example, use petroleum hydrocarbons as a food/energy source, transforming them into harmless substances consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, water, and fatty acids.

Remediation harnesses this natural process by promoting the growth of microbes that can effectively degrade specific contaminants (e.g. petroleum and food-based oil and grease) and convert them to non-toxic products.

The advantages of remediation:

  • An ecologically sound, natural process; the residues from the biological treatment are usually harmless products (such as carbon dioxide, water and fatty acids.)
  • Instead of merely transferring contaminants from one of our medium to another (e.g., from water to storm drains) remediation destroys the target chemicals.
  • Remediation is usually less expensive than other technologies that are often used to clean up hazardous waste (e.g. petroleum and food-based oil and grease.)

No Slip Tile Floor Treatment

Home Proud Services’ No-Slip Tile Floor Treatment is a scientifically developed solution that is applied to the floor. It’s not an unsightly abrasive coating like you have seen so many times. The application increases the coefficient of friction and renders the floor slip resistant when wet.

This formula creates a microscopic tread like surface on the flooring that cannot be seen when the flooring is dry. But increases the friction coefficient when the floor is wet. It works on tile, terrazzo, granite, marble, and a host of other hard flooring surfaces.

Home Proud Services’ No-Slip Tile floor treatment does not require any down time after treatment. It is ready to walk on immediately.

No-Slip Tile Floor treatment is your protection against slip liability by vastly reducing the chance of slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall injuries are the second leading cause of accidental deaths. Second only to automobile accidents. Let Home Proud Services help you with our No-Slip Tile Floor treatment.