Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

When addressing your gutter cleaning needs, please consider Home Proud Services. Clean gutters and downspouts prevents overflow that can cause foundation erosion and wood damage in the eves.

  • All gutter debris will be removed by hand
  • Home Proud Services always checks downspouts to assure proper drainage
  • Ladder stabilizers prevent gutter damage (ladder rests on roof, not gutter)
  • Your landscaping will not be disturbed

Discounted Gutter Plans are also available for cleaning on a regular basis.

Gutter Face Cleaning

So what are the ugly black streaks, also called zebra stripes, on the outside of gutters? Most people think its mold and mildew from the moisture that accumulates on gutters. While some of it may indeed be mold, most of the time it’s not.

There are two schools of thought. Both are correct. The first cause is the tar and asphalt from the roofing shingles electrostatically bonding to the outside of the gutter. Second, pollution and dirt build up on the top lip of the gutter. When moisture combines with these pollutants, it streams down the face of the gutter. Future precipitation will continuously follow the same path. Over time, the buildup becomes alternating light and dark stripes.

Regardless, this is a real tough stain, so unlike mold and mildew traditional low pressure chemical washing will not remove tiger stripes from gutters.

Home Proud Services cleans your gutter facings entirely by hand. We equip our ladders with ladder standoffs ensuring your gutters will not be damaged. Ladder stabilizers allow our ladders to rest on the roof and not your gutters, protecting your gutters from ladder dents.

Gutter face cleaning can be a very hard, dirty and tiresome job. Also, climbing up and down a ladder can be dangerous. Why take the risk? Let Home Proud Services clean your gutter facings to a like-new appearance.

Home Proud Services is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded provider of specialty cleaning services for the discerning property owner. Crews are uniformed, professional, and covered by Workers Comp.

Let Home Proud Services be your provider of “Green” cleaning services. All Home Proud Services cleaning methods and cleaners are environmentally safe, bio-degradable, and EPA compliant. All workers and work methods follow OSHA guidelines.

Home or office, “Clean it Green”.